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Mitt Romney Disqualifies Himself from the Presidency of the United States

Mitt Romney has disqualified himself from the presidency. He probably had done that already by showing his incompetence and dishonesty during the crisis in which Americans were killed in Libya, and when he was caught writing off as “freeloaders” half of the country, but now he has declared himself, in his own words, to be disqualified to be President.

See this video as one example.

This, of course, has to do with his intentional manipulation of his 2011 tax returns in which he took fewer deductions than allowed. Why would he do this? Especially after having declared that only a fool would do so?

For political expediency, of course.

Mitt made a political statement saying he paid “over 13%” in taxes all of those years. Except his 2011 taxes were about to prove otherwise. So he told his tax preparation team – the same ones who hide millions of dollars of income overseas to avoid paying any federal income tax on it – to “miss” taking deductions. To artificially pump up his tax rate over 14%. To keep from being called a liar.

His loss, right? Well, no. He won’t lose a cent.

Right after the election, when no one is paying attention, Romney will immediately file an amended return to claim all of the deductions he and his highly paid team of professional tax lawyers somehow “missed.” So he will retroactively get all those deductions he “missed.”

Kind of like he “retroactively” retired from Bain Capital. And yet somehow still gets paid by them today.

So whether Mitt and his team of professionals are incompetent or dishonest isn’t really important. Either disqualifies him from being president.

Mitt himself says so.

CNN has a good analysis of why Mitt Romney chose to be dishonest in the release of his 2011 tax returns and why he is still hiding his previous tax returns even though he gave them to John McCain four years ago (ever hear of a copy machine?).

UPDATE: The Romney campaign has issued a statement declaring that, in fact, they manipulated the tax return purely for political purposes.

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Mitt Romney Disdains the Elderly, the Working Poor, the Middle Class in Secret Video

Mitt Romney’s secret video is all over the internet. The one(s) where he disdains all the elderly, working poor and others who don’t pay federal income taxes. The one(s) where he shows how he repeats known falsehoods to play to the super-rich and the bigots of the party. The one(s) where he presumes all Palestinians to be terrorists and completely writes off the two-state solution that both Israel and the Palestinian Authority want. Yea, that one.

Okay journalists. Now ask him how he would “elegantly phrase” his false contentions, which is virtually everything he said. Go ahead – ask him to explain “elegantly” why he said 47% of people are lazy – you know, all those elderly people, those working mothers, those unemployed, those millionaires. Go ahead, ask him what he thinks about the programs expanded under Ronald Reagan that help some of those people pay no federal income taxes. Ask him how much those same people pay in payroll taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, and all the other taxes they pay. Then, journalists, ask Mitt Romney to show you his tax returns and how he hid hundreds of millions of dollars from any taxation in Swiss bank accounts, front corporations in Bermuda, and tax havens like the Cayman Islands. Ask Romney if he considers himself a freeloader because he doesn’t pay taxes on the vast majority of his income. Then ask him why his running mate, Paul Ryan, is proposing to eliminate even the tiny 15% capital gains tax and the estate tax that only helps about 1% of the population.  Go ahead, journalists, ask him to explain all of that.

Elegantly, of course.

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The tea party hypocrisy revealed – they want to expand taxes for the middle class and working poor and give it to the rich

By now I’m sure you’ve noticed the patten in the tea party’s deceit about taxes.  They really only want low taxes for the richest 1% of Americans and want to expand tax loopholes so that the most profitable corporations can continue to avoid paying taxes (while moving jobs overseas).  But they are for more taxes for the middle class and the working poor.

Back in December 2010 when the Bush tax cuts were scheduled to expire, and long after the President and the Democrats had already agreed to extend the tax cuts for the middle class, the tea party held all of us hostage – even eager to let the middle class tax cuts expire – just to make sure that the richest 1% and the biggest corporations got to avoid taxes.

During the debt ceiling fiasco, again the tea party held the country hostage – even turning down trillions of dollars in spending cuts offered by the President and the Democrats – again all to ensure that the richest 1% and the most profitable corporations can avoid paying taxes or pay less taxes than the middle class on most of their income.

Both of those tea party choices increased the debt and hurt the vast majority of middle class Americans while rewarding corporations for sending jobs overseas.

And now that the President has proposed ways to help grow jobs while also giving tax cuts to the middle class and to small and medium sized businesses who hire workers, guess what the tea party is already saying.  Yep.  The same old story.  No one gets a tax break unless the richest 1% get even more tax breaks.  No small and medium sized businesses (who are the real job creators) get tax breaks unless the most profitable corporations get additional tax loopholes that allow them to hide even more of their massive incomes from taxation (while they ship jobs overseas).

The tea party has called for the poor to pay more taxes, all so the rich can pay even less taxes.

The tea party is against payroll tax breaks that would help the vast majority of working Americans.  Why?  Because the rich don’t pay much in payroll taxes, so the richest 1% wouldn’t benefit.  The tea party wants the middle class and most Americans to finance tax cuts for the richest 1%.

The story is the same every single time.  The tea party is only interested in cutting spending that help the middle class while they fight for spending that helps the big corporations.  The tea party is only interested in reducing taxes for the richest 1% and for the most profitable corporations while they fight to have the poor pay more taxes and against payroll tax relief that disproportionately burdens the working class.

And it is what the Koch brothers want – the tea party working to expand their wealth and the wealth of all their billionaire friends.  All by taking money from the middle class and working poor.

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