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The tea party tries to violate the Constitutional rights of the poor and minorities with Voter ID laws

The Republican party, led by the nose by the ideological tea party members that took over many state legislatures last year, has been intentionally and deliberately trying to violate the Constitutional right to vote of the poor and minorities through the introduction of Voter ID laws.  The Republican party’s intent is to put so many obstacles in the path of the poor and minorities – much like the poll taxes and literacy tests of the past – that it substantially reduces the number of poor and minorities that vote. Why? Because the poor and minorities tend to vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. With so many tea party extremists getting into state-level offices last year, they immediately started trying to force through laws that – like the old racist laws of the past designed to limit the African-American vote – are intended to make it difficult for the poor and minorities to vote.

This is an intentional attempt by the tea party to violate the Constitutional rights of the poor and minorities.

This is no wild conspiracy theory.  This is widely reported, intensely substantiated, and has been occurring for decades. And now with the tea party holding the Republican party and the rest of the country hostage in order to give more tax cuts to the richest 1% (while trying to increase taxes on the working poor and middle class) and open up more tax loopholes that allow the richest corporations to avoid taxes and send more jobs overseas (while trying to block any attempts to give tax breaks to small and medium sized companies who hire American workers), these intentional attempts to violate the Constitutional rights of the poor and minorities have increased.

The tea party Republicans doesn’t come out and say this directly, of course.  They claim that these voter ID laws are needed to combat rampant voter fraud.  That there are substantial invalid votes being counted as valid.

Poppycock.  There is no such thing.  The occurrences of voter fraud (i.e., invalid votes being counted as valid) is virtually non-existent. So there is no need for the development of onerous obstacles to voting..  In fact, these Voter ID laws will cause the non-counting of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of valid votes for every one invalid vote it prevents. Read here for more about how Voter ID discriminates against the old and the poor and the minority.

So why are the Republicans doing this? Because the poor and minorities overwhelmingly vote for Democrats. So if the Republicans can institute laws that make it disproportionately more difficult for the poor and minorities to vote, then they will effectively reduce the number of votes to Democratic candidates.  This is, of course, the real goal of “Voter ID.” It is to disenfranchise the poor and the old and minorities and reduce the number of potential Democratic voters.

That is the one and only reason for these laws. Not to ensure against voter fraud, but to commit voter fraud and effectively violate the Constitutional rights of the poor and minorities.

We’re back to the days that led to the Civil Rights Act. Which many in the tea party should be amended to allow people to discriminate against African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, gays, Muslims (and other non-Christians), and anyone else that the tea party doesn’t deem to be “the right kind of Americans.”

The tea party is the Know Nothing party all over again.

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Dispelling Myths the Tea Party Tells Itself

Tea partiers like to convince themselves that they are morally superior to everyone else and the only true “right kind of” Americans.  All despite virtually none of what they argue against being true and none of what they say they are arguing for being true either in practice.  Here are some of the myths tea partiers tell each other, and the reality:

The tea party wants to eliminate excessive taxes

False.  The tea party only wants to eliminate taxes for the richest 1% and the biggest corporations. The tea party refused to continue the tax breaks for 98% of Americans unless the rich got their taxes reduced. The tea party wants to tax the working poor (because they all have refrigerators!) and the middle class in order to pay for tax cuts for the richest few. The tea party has refused tax breaks for small and medium sized companies while fighting to continue and even expand tax loopholes that allow the most profitable corporations to avoid paying taxes.

The tea party wants to eliminate the National Debt

False. The tea party has increased the national debt several times already. The latest was the tea party caused credit downgrade, which increased the interest rates the US has to pay on obligations already incurred during the Bush presidency.

The tea party wants to end deficit spending

False. The tea party turned down at least $3 Trillion in spending cuts, all because they wanted to increase the debt by extending temporary tax breaks the Republican party set to expire for the richest 1%.

The tea party wants to protect free markets

False. The tea party has consistently fought to protect subsidies and corporate welfare for the largest and most profitable corporations, even as they send jobs overseas and use tax loopholes to avoid paying taxes.

The tea party wants our Government to abide by the Constitution

False. The tea party has argued many times to repeal or make moot several Constitutional amendments. The tea party also believes that people should have a right to discriminate against others based on their color, in direct violation to both the 14th Amendment of the Constitution and the Civil Rights Act.

The tea party wants the size of the Government reduced

False. The tea party has been more than happy to increase the size of government, as did Reagan, GW Bush, and other Republican Presidents. The Republican-controlled Congress and Presidency of the first 6 years of the 2000s passed several unfunded government mandates, started two wars, and increased government size.  The tea party argues to increase Defense spending despite well documented waste and abuse totaling hundreds of billions of dollars. The tea party also has called for additional Constitutional amendments that would usurp the powers given by the Constitution to Congress.

The tea party believes in the power of the American people

False. The tea party consistently demonstrates that they believe in the power of the richest 1% of Americans and the most profitable corporations. The tea party is constantly calling on the government to require the narrow views of “the right kind of Americans” to be forced on the rest of Americans. The tea party is constantly attacking the power of Americans to have the right to be free from bigotry.  And the tea party wants to repeal the 17th amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees the power of the American people to vote for their representatives in the Senate; the tea party wants to take that power of the people and give it to state lawmakers who are influenced by corporate campaign funding.

The tea party believes Citizens can set their own platform and agendas at a local level

False. The tea party has been quite vocal about setting their narrow agenda and platform to force all of us to conform to their view of what is “right.” The tea party takes its marching orders, was founded by, and is funded by the rich corporate Washington lobbyists.

The tea party wants to end entrenched political parties that are doing nothing but taking our money to keep power

False. The tea party is fighting to increase the wealth of the richest 1% (like the Koch brothers) and the most profitable corporations (like Koch Industries, ExxonMobil, etc). Everything that the tea party has done has been geared toward helping the wealthiest hide more of their money and forcing the middle class and the working poor to carry more of the burden.

Sorry, but facts and actions show what the tea party conservatives are all about. Not bumper sticker platitudes.

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