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Why Rubio and Ayotte disqualify themselves as Senators

I think we all have to agree that the rise of Trump has to do with the systematic pandering of the Republican party to the bigoted/racist white supremacy thinking part of the population. Their concern is that the changing demographics of this country – increasing minority populations, immigration, equal rights for LGBT and women, etc. – are somehow a threat to their historical supremacy. In essence, whites are afraid minorities will treat whites like whites have treated minorities.

Racism, bigotry, misogyny, and pathological lying are Donald Trump. This isn’t new. This is Donald Trump and always has been.

So when we have cases such as Kelly Ayotte (Republican Senator for New Hampshire) and Marco Rubio (Republican Senator from Florida) who say they support and will vote for Donald Trump but “will stand up to him,” you have to question – no, laugh – at their supposed integrity.

Marco Rubio, for example, called Trump a “Con Artist” (which is an accurate description of Trump’s long-standing business “principles”). Now Rubio, after saying for a year he didn’t think the Senate was any place he wanted to be (and in fact “hated it”), he is now asking Floridians to keep him there anyway. And he’ll vote for Donald Trump, the man he called a “con artist.” In short, partisan politics trumps honesty and integrity for Marco Rubio, just as it has for Republicans for years.

Similarly, Ayotte says she’ll vote for Donald Trump. Here is a man she claims she disagrees with yet is fully supporting. Again, this isn’t a case where Republicans are supporting a rational (if not pandering) candidate like Mitt Romney or John McCain, this is a man who has made a career out of being a flaming narcissist who doesn’t give a hoot about anyone but himself. Trump isn’t some “partisan” choice, he’s a choice for racism, bigotry, misogyny, scamming contractors, pathological lying, and a danger to America. And that just what honest Republicans have acknowledged.

Both Rubio and Ayotte are lying to their constituents. They both want to convince Independents and moderate Republicans that they are “independent thinkers” who will challenge Trump, but that’s an absolute lie. If they can’t challenge Trump on such blatant character flaws as his rampant racism, bigotry, pathological lying, and “con artistry,” what could they possibly stand up to him on? They’ve already proving they can’t. And why? Because as much as Rubio and Ayotte want to con non-insane constituents, they also desperately need the racist Trump followers to vote for them too.

Sorry, you can’t have it both ways. Rubio and Ayotte have proven they put partisan politics ahead of Floridians and New Hampshirites, and thus endanger all Americans.

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