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Why Rubio and Ayotte disqualify themselves as Senators

I think we all have to agree that the rise of Trump has to do with the systematic pandering of the Republican party to the bigoted/racist white supremacy thinking part of the population. Their concern is that the changing demographics of this country – increasing minority populations, immigration, equal rights for LGBT and women, etc. – are somehow a threat to their historical supremacy. In essence, whites are afraid minorities will treat whites like whites have treated minorities.

Racism, bigotry, misogyny, and pathological lying are Donald Trump. This isn’t new. This is Donald Trump and always has been.

So when we have cases such as Kelly Ayotte (Republican Senator for New Hampshire) and Marco Rubio (Republican Senator from Florida) who say they support and will vote for Donald Trump but “will stand up to him,” you have to question – no, laugh – at their supposed integrity.

Marco Rubio, for example, called Trump a “Con Artist” (which is an accurate description of Trump’s long-standing business “principles”). Now Rubio, after saying for a year he didn’t think the Senate was any place he wanted to be (and in fact “hated it”), he is now asking Floridians to keep him there anyway. And he’ll vote for Donald Trump, the man he called a “con artist.” In short, partisan politics trumps honesty and integrity for Marco Rubio, just as it has for Republicans for years.

Similarly, Ayotte says she’ll vote for Donald Trump. Here is a man she claims she disagrees with yet is fully supporting. Again, this isn’t a case where Republicans are supporting a rational (if not pandering) candidate like Mitt Romney or John McCain, this is a man who has made a career out of being a flaming narcissist who doesn’t give a hoot about anyone but himself. Trump isn’t some “partisan” choice, he’s a choice for racism, bigotry, misogyny, scamming contractors, pathological lying, and a danger to America. And that just what honest Republicans have acknowledged.

Both Rubio and Ayotte are lying to their constituents. They both want to convince Independents and moderate Republicans that they are “independent thinkers” who will challenge Trump, but that’s an absolute lie. If they can’t challenge Trump on such blatant character flaws as his rampant racism, bigotry, pathological lying, and “con artistry,” what could they possibly stand up to him on? They’ve already proving they can’t. And why? Because as much as Rubio and Ayotte want to con non-insane constituents, they also desperately need the racist Trump followers to vote for them too.

Sorry, you can’t have it both ways. Rubio and Ayotte have proven they put partisan politics ahead of Floridians and New Hampshirites, and thus endanger all Americans.

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The Billionaires’ Tea Party – How the Koch’s and Other Billionaires Have Bought Mitt Romney and America

Please watch the entire video.

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The Newsroom – Tea Party is the American Taliban

The most succinct and dramatic explanation of the tea party ever produced.

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Mitt Romney Disqualifies Himself from the Presidency of the United States

Mitt Romney has disqualified himself from the presidency. He probably had done that already by showing his incompetence and dishonesty during the crisis in which Americans were killed in Libya, and when he was caught writing off as “freeloaders” half of the country, but now he has declared himself, in his own words, to be disqualified to be President.

See this video as one example.

This, of course, has to do with his intentional manipulation of his 2011 tax returns in which he took fewer deductions than allowed. Why would he do this? Especially after having declared that only a fool would do so?

For political expediency, of course.

Mitt made a political statement saying he paid “over 13%” in taxes all of those years. Except his 2011 taxes were about to prove otherwise. So he told his tax preparation team – the same ones who hide millions of dollars of income overseas to avoid paying any federal income tax on it – to “miss” taking deductions. To artificially pump up his tax rate over 14%. To keep from being called a liar.

His loss, right? Well, no. He won’t lose a cent.

Right after the election, when no one is paying attention, Romney will immediately file an amended return to claim all of the deductions he and his highly paid team of professional tax lawyers somehow “missed.” So he will retroactively get all those deductions he “missed.”

Kind of like he “retroactively” retired from Bain Capital. And yet somehow still gets paid by them today.

So whether Mitt and his team of professionals are incompetent or dishonest isn’t really important. Either disqualifies him from being president.

Mitt himself says so.

CNN has a good analysis of why Mitt Romney chose to be dishonest in the release of his 2011 tax returns and why he is still hiding his previous tax returns even though he gave them to John McCain four years ago (ever hear of a copy machine?).

UPDATE: The Romney campaign has issued a statement declaring that, in fact, they manipulated the tax return purely for political purposes.

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Mitt Romney Disdains the Elderly, the Working Poor, the Middle Class in Secret Video

Mitt Romney’s secret video is all over the internet. The one(s) where he disdains all the elderly, working poor and others who don’t pay federal income taxes. The one(s) where he shows how he repeats known falsehoods to play to the super-rich and the bigots of the party. The one(s) where he presumes all Palestinians to be terrorists and completely writes off the two-state solution that both Israel and the Palestinian Authority want. Yea, that one.

Okay journalists. Now ask him how he would “elegantly phrase” his false contentions, which is virtually everything he said. Go ahead – ask him to explain “elegantly” why he said 47% of people are lazy – you know, all those elderly people, those working mothers, those unemployed, those millionaires. Go ahead, ask him what he thinks about the programs expanded under Ronald Reagan that help some of those people pay no federal income taxes. Ask him how much those same people pay in payroll taxes, sales taxes, property taxes, and all the other taxes they pay. Then, journalists, ask Mitt Romney to show you his tax returns and how he hid hundreds of millions of dollars from any taxation in Swiss bank accounts, front corporations in Bermuda, and tax havens like the Cayman Islands. Ask Romney if he considers himself a freeloader because he doesn’t pay taxes on the vast majority of his income. Then ask him why his running mate, Paul Ryan, is proposing to eliminate even the tiny 15% capital gains tax and the estate tax that only helps about 1% of the population.  Go ahead, journalists, ask him to explain all of that.

Elegantly, of course.

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Republicans lie while Obama saves the country

Republicans have taken to lying about everything. When all of the fact checkers agree that the Romney campaign is lying through their collective teeth on virtually every issue – and especially on the “keynote” viewpoints – then you know that the party does not deserve to be elected. Meanwhile, Obama saved the country from the economic disaster the Bush administration left it in.

He did this despite the fact that THE major causes of the debt are the Bush tax cuts, the two Bush wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the near depression economic collapse that occurred during Bush’s second term.

He did this despite the tea party bigots increasing the debt over and over with their dishonest attacks on the President, on the economy, and on the middle class. All so they could give even more tax cuts to the super-rich and more tax loopholes to the megacorporations who ship jobs overseas and hide their income from taxation offshore. Yes, Obama did this despitethe tea party Republicans voting AGAINST every effort to stimulate jobs and help the middle class.

He did this despite the fact that the unemployment rate started skyrocketing during the Bush presidency and shot up to 10% before Obama took office and got the stimulus package money flowing to help the middle class.

Imagine how much better off we would be if the bigoted and dishonest tea party hadn’t been actively working to hold back the recovery out of bitter hatred of the guy in the White House who doesn’t fit their bigoted definition of “the right kind of American.”

The tea party has been actively attacking the middle class in order to give more to the super-rich with every single vote they have cast since Obama took office. And still, with the Republican party admitting it was working against Americans, Obama managed to save the country from depression, save the US auto industry, speak up for the middle class and every other group the bigoted tea party has attacked, and put us on a path forward toward a sustainable economy for ALL Americans, not just the ones born rich.

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Parsing the current lie of convenience by the Republican party

Let’s take one of the numbers tossed out by the tea party ideologues and parse it because it demonstrates the kind of mindless regurgitation without any attempt to understand that dominates their thinking.

8.3% unemployment it was 7.8 when Obama took office

Any chart of the unemployment rate will show you that the rate had started a steep climb during the last year or two of the Bush administration. It was at 7.8% when Bush left office, but had been at 4.6% in 2007. Within the following year, still while Bush was in office, it had skyrocketed up to over 6% on its way up to the 7.8% when Bush left office and Obama was inaugurated.

Let’s stop here and remind people that unemployment rate is a lagging indicator. That means it slow to react going up or down. So the recession that started in 2007 under Bush took a while to have an impact on the unemployment rate. But when it gets going it keeps going. Big…and fast. So the rapid increase at the end of the Bush administration was guaranteed to keep skyrocketing for a long time. Which it did until it peaked at just over 10%.

It then started dropping, and this drop coincided with the stimulus package monies putting put into use. In short, Obama’s stimulus package helped stop the loss of jobs that Bush had started and started creating jobs. And we’ve been creating jobs ever since – 29 straight months now of private sector job creation. The unemployment rate is stuck around 8%, in part because Europe is dragging us down because they chose to fight the near depression by instituting austerity programs just like the ones the tea party has been trying to do here in the US. Overall, things are getting better.

Not bad. Especially when you consider that the tea party-held Republicans in Congress have voted AGAINST every single jobs package offered. Imagine how much better things would be if the tea party had stopped holding back the recovery. It’s simple. Without the tea party holding back the recovery and increasing the debt even more, the unemployment rate would be lower and the middle class would be seeing more of the recovery (they don’t as much now because the tea party keeps voting to take money from the middle class and give it to the super-rich, who hide it overseas from taxation).

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Julian Castro – Why Barack Obama is Right for ALL Americans

Mayor Julian Castro explains why Barack Obama speaks for all Americans. Not just the rich ones.


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Republican Platform Denies Rights to Virtually All Americans – Abe Lincoln Cries

The Republican platform was finalized in Tampa this week and includes the infamous “Akin Amendment” that denies a woman’s legal right to abortions even in the case of rape or incest. And that’s just the beginning. The platform goes much further in rolling back the legal rights not only of women but the legal rights of virtually every group of Americans. For example,

It denies the rights of same-sex couples to marry.

It denies the rights of women by pushing the Akin Amendment cosponsored by Paul Ryan.

It suppresses the rights of legal voters to vote.

It adopts the fossil fuel energy plan of “Drill Baby Drill” written by the fossil fuel lobbyists, bumper stickered by Sarah Palin, and lobbied by Newt Gingrich’s lobbying firm.

It eliminates Medicare as we know it and replaces it with a voucher program that will cost future seniors thousands of dollars.

It forces the states to deal with Medicaid, which will bankrupt many states and increase the costs of current seniors by thousands of dollars.

It virtually eliminates public schooling and adopts Mitt Romney’s believe that students should “get the best education they or their parents can afford,” thereby eliminating higher education for most of the populace.

It takes all of the money not spent on programs that help the middle class and the working poor and gives it to the 1% super-rich and to the Defense industry.

It effectively is the anti-American (unless you’re “the right kind of American,” i.e., the richest 1% or a megacorporation who sends jobs overseas and hides income from taxation in offshore tax avoidance accounts) platform.

Abraham Lincoln would be aghast at the bigotry and intolerance that his party now supports.

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The Republican dishonesty about Cap-and-Trade (and everything else)

Cap-and-Trade was actually a Republican idea. Democrats wanted a carbon tax, but no, no, no, cried the GOP. A carbon tax is a tax. Can’t have that.

So the Republicans pushed for a market-based mechanism. They pushed for Cap-and-Trade. The costs of carbon pollution would be captured and companies that were more efficient could make money selling their credits to those who were having trouble meeting basic standards. Those latter companies would have incentive to become more efficient and improve their profits.

Then the Democrats said, okay, let’s try it your way. Let’s agree on a Cap-and-Trade bill instead of a carbon tax bill.

To which the Republicans immediately relabeled their own idea “cap-and-tax,” called it a socialist takeover, and otherwise blatantly and dishonestly railed against their own idea in order to block passage.

The Republican party, especially now that the Koch-owned fake-tea party has taken it hostage along with 99% of the American people, has become a poster child for the most egregiously dishonest elements of corporatehood.

Which one party being blatantly dishonest about everything (remember that the “individual mandate” in the health care law was also a Republican idea), they absolutely cannot be trusted to be in charge of America. The Republican party put us into this economic mess and have worked against Americans and American recovery since Obama walked into office.

It would be utterly insane to put the dishonest wolves back in charge of the chicken coop.

[The above was a comment to a post by Chris Wiegard that you can read here.]

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