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Mitt Romney Wins Nevada Caucuses While Not Worrying About the Poor, Newt Gingrich Needs Your Prayers

Wow, what a week for Mitt Romney.  And what a week for Newt Gingrich.  Romney wins the Nevada caucuses but picks up an endorsement he might not want.

Okay, first for the wee little poor choice of words by Romney this week. And we of course mean the “poor” choice of words about not worrying about the poor.  Okay fine, the words were taken out of context and he didn’t really mean it the way it was portrayed by some.  But that doesn’t let Romney off the hook.  Not surprisingly, Romney’s intent had little to do with whom he is “concerned” about and a great deal to do with trying to convince middle class voters that he doesn’t represent exactly the kind of person/economic policy that benefits the very rich at the expense of the middle class. In short, he was trying to create a new reality to replace the one that isn’t so good for the middle class, i.e., the one that he supports.

Here are two insightful views on this topic:

Ruth Marcus: Why the poor should concern Romney

Eugene Robinson: Romney fails the empathy test

So on to the Donald Trump endorsement.  First off, Trump was “endorsing” solely and entirely as a gimmick to promote his reality TV show (is that still on the air? seriously?).  But what is really interesting about this endorsement is that Romney decided to accept it.  Mormons (Romney) have always opposed gambling, so hey, no problem accepting the endorsement in Trump’s Las Vegas casino.  I mean, that’s no bigger a stretch than Mormon’s opposing the drinking of alcohol unless, of course, you pay a $5 “membership fee” to join a “club” for “one night” (which, I’ve been told, is not a “cover charge in the local bar”).  That little detail aside, Romney’s acceptance of Donald “birther” Trump is sure to be a headline in coming months.  Already the Obama campaign has sent out an email noting:

“Yesterday, Mitt Romney said he was ‘humbled’ to accept Donald Trump’s endorsement. Seriously.”  “Yes, Donald Trump — birth certificate conspiracy leader — has decided that Mitt Romney’s his guy, and Romney has embraced him without reservation. He made a speech and even sent out a press release welcoming him.”

Good one, Mitt.  Embrace the buffoonish bigot tea party vote. That ought to help you with independents.  Especially now that the stock market is at highs not seen since before the Bush depression and the unemployment has been dropping as hundreds of thousands of jobs are being created per month.

Meanwhile, Gingrich is asking for prayers.

And he’ll need them since he is looking forward to Super Tuesday.  Yep, he’ll just skip Nevada, Maine, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Arizona, Michigan, and Washington since they don’t matter (and he can’t win) and focus on the Super Tuesday states (even though he didn’t even make the ballot in at least one of them – Virginia).  Well, that certainly is a plan.  Sort of like Rudy Giuliani waiting for Florida in 2008. That worked out well.  Oh, wait. Never mind.


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PGH Quick Take – I heard a joke today…someone said Rudy Giuliani might run for President

Ba-da-boom.  Seriously folks, Rudy “9/11” Giuliani might “9/11” run for “9/11” the nomination of the “9/11” Republican party.

A former mayor of New York City walks into a bar.

Ouch, he says. That hurt.

The bartender rolls his eyes as he says “Well Rudy, most people walk under the bar, not into it.”

As most politicos know, and even more try to forget, Rudy Giuliani infamously “ran for President” in 2008 with the age old strategy of skipping the first several state primaries and caucuses on the hopes that a big win in Florida would give him the push to, well, get past everyone who had already sown up the nomination in the first several primaries and caucuses.  Needless to say that the presumed frontrunner was an also ran who pulled a Gingrich before Gingrich pulled it (late breaking news – Gingrich’s entire senior campaign team resigns en masse tonight).

Anyway, not to be belabor the point.  But Giuliani isn’t going to jump into the race.  He’s just feeling kind of left out and since everyone is so happy and all about the Republican field so far Rudy decided to float his name out there to increase his value on the speaking circuit.  And perhaps bring in a few clients to his consulting firm.

Oh, the “9/11” refers to the joke he became due to his ability (or affliction) to somehow mention that he was mayor when 9/11 happened.  Other than that (okay, he was mayor of NYC for goodness sake), Giuliani really doesn’t have much of a background on which to base a run for President.  So even if he did run (he won’t) he wouldn’t get out of the starting gate.  He’d be the guy stuck in the mud as the others burst into the field ahead of him.

Next up…why Bachmann could very well win Iowa!!

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