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PGH Quick Take – Sarah Palin’s Emails

Today is the release of thousands of pages of emails written by Sarah Palin during her time as a half-term Governor of Alaska.  All of the media outlets are gearing up to go through them looking for signs of dirt or whatever else will improve their ratings and ad sales.


PGH doesn’t expect any huge revelations from this data dump, especially since a couple of thousand emails won’t be released (for confidentiality reasons) and neither will her private Yahoo account emails (on which she apparently conducted a ton of State business).  Frankly, it’s rather bizarre (and I would of expected, illegal) to be carrying on state business on a personal Yahoo account instead of your official state email account.  Given that she did, and if she were doing anything untoward, wouldn’t she have done that on a non-official site?  Duh.

But the thing I really thought was funny was the following quote I found in the CNN article on the topic:

Palin told Fox News Sunday that “those e-mails obviously weren’t meant for public consumption,” saying she was sure the material would be taken out of context.

“They’ll never truly know what, the context of each one of those e-mails was, or each one of the issues were that I was working on that day, or in what time period,” she said.

Yes, folks.  Here we have Palin – as part of her paid speaking slot on Fox News – pre-whining about how the emails could be taken out of context and misinterpreted.  She’s right, of course.  The irony is that both Palin and Fox News know how this works all too well.  After all, it was Palin and Fox News that helped promote the fakegate non-scandal when about 1000 emails were stolen from the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in the UK.  Fox and others blatantly cherry picked and intentionally misrepresented lines from those emails, and still continue to do so despite six different investigations that all concluded the emails were being “cherry picked and intentionally misrepresented.”

So now the stilleto heel is on the other foot.  Palin and Fox are worried that others will “cherry pick and intentionally misrepresent” her emails.

As I’ve said, I doubt there is anything of much interest in the subset of emails that will be released.  And I most certainly don’t condone any intentional misrepresentation of them.   But the irony of her complaining about them possibly being taken out of context is priceless.

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