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Since the tea party wants a default, they should pay for it

It would seem appropriate that in the event of a tea party-caused default on the US obligations to first cut the “socialism” checks going out people in Texas, Oklahoma, and every tea party district in the country. After all, the tea party claims that government should not be providing these services anyway, so it would be hypocritical for them to demand them in their own backyards. Secondly, all stimulus package jobs that the tea party opposed (and then took credit for at election time) should be immediately stopped. All those funds can be redirected to the places where the legislators are not hypocritically demanding the end of programs while joyfully accepting the benefits of those programs.

It would also seem appropriate to eliminate the social program benefits off all legislators and their constituents who are holding the rest of America hostage in order to force the continuation of “temporary” tax breaks for the richest 1% and the keeping open of tax loopholes that allow the most profitable corporations in the country to avoid paying any taxes on most of their income (while shipping jobs overseas).

It would also seem appropriate for all those tea party Republicans, and the equally irresponsible Republicans that have kowtowed to the extortion of the tea party, to have to cover the increased cost of paying our debt due to the immediate increase in interest rate we have to pay due to the default they caused. They can begin by giving up the social welfare and infrastructure and education and environmental and health protection and all the other federally funded benefits they enjoy. They can then vote to have their states pick up the tab for all of the services that the federal government will no longer provide. This will give them an opportunity to demonstrate how they can make their state economies thrive with no tax income and no federal funding.

That only seems fair. The tea party is holding the country hostage yet again, so since they would have caused any default they should be more than willing to take responsibility for the economic destruction that they have again caused.

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