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And now, a note from Donald Trump

I read an interesting article by Chris Wiegard about Donald Trump, which got me to thinking:

Trump’s credo has always been (that is, after his daddy handed him a multimillion dollar ready-made business), “there’s a sucker born every minute.”*  He has shown he will say and do whatever gets him attention, which of course enhances his ability to “make the deal.”  Needless to say, this is a person on whom the tea party lavished its support and attention…based solely on Trump’s bigoted rants and false characterizations.**

*Ironically, the quote is usually attributed to P.T. Barnum, of whom Trump resembles in ways, but in reality it was a scam played on Barnum’s philosophy by others that didn’t like Barnum all that much.  Sort of like the whole tea party movement, which rewrites history to its liking and derives its most passionate beliefs from things that aren’t even real (think “born in Kenya,” “death panels,” “the government is broke,” “Sarah Palin is qualified to be President,” etc.  So the quote both proves itself and demonstrates the lack of intellectual integrity of the tea party and Donald Trump.

**Some in the tea party suggested that they were not supporting Trump because of his bigoted rants but because of Trump’s “business acumen.”  Which, of course, includes at least two major bankruptcies (coincidentally occurring as he was divorcing wives to pick up with younger “next-wives”).  Trump has perfected the “art of the dealing with other people’s money” in which he borrows tremendously from other investors to build things that then get the Trump name on them, after which Trump pockets much of any profit.  So you can easily see how the tea party (who are constantly calling for fiscal conservatism) would latch onto a free-wheeling, spendthrift, financially unstable, billionaire to represent them.

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