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Julian Castro – Why Barack Obama is Right for ALL Americans

Mayor Julian Castro explains why Barack Obama speaks for all Americans. Not just the rich ones.


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Forward. This is what President Obama has accomplished for our country

This is what has been accomplished. I dare you to watch the entire video.

Despite Republican obstruction.  Despite the fake-tea party holding 99% of Americans hostage solely to give even more tax breaks to the super-rich 1% and the super-profitabable corporations.  Despite the tea party acting to increase the debt.  Despite the unprecedented use of the filibuster to block even the most simple bills.  Despite the decision by the Republican party before Obama was even in office to vote against everything that would help the country dig its way out of the massive hole the last administration left us in – even to the point of voting against the ideas that Republicans themselves offered and supported.

The achievements of the Obama administration have been extraordinary given where we started from and the Republican decision to throw away economic recovery for partisan expediency.

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