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Racist? Second country, second round of screwing up foreign policy for Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is now in the second country of his foreign policy “coming out” tour. As previously noted, he started off in the UK by insulting the British three times in one day. Now he’s in Israel, where on the first day he managed to offer his support for going to war against Iran and then offered what has been interpreted as racist statements against the Palestinians.

Besides not seeming to understand the basic fact that Israeli occupation just might have a teensy bit of influence over the economy of the regions it occupies and controls, he also got all the numbers wrong. Not even close, as this Washington Post article explains in depth. A certain amount of leeway is given to “the new guy” who obviously doesn’t have access to all the Intel as the actual President, but come on, his buffoonish platitudes would suggest that I have more Intel than he does. One of his advisers is Dan Senor, the former spokesperson for the Coalition Authority in Iraq during the early days of the Bush war there, so it’s not like he doesn’t have someone there to tell him what to say (though perhaps Senor is acting more in his role of Fox News commentator instead of on actual factual knowledge).

At this pace he ought to have completely destroyed our foreign policy relationships with much of the world by the end of the week. With his next stop being Poland, everyone is praying he does the wise thing and not talk. At all.

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Clueless Mitt Romney Insults Brits Three Times in One Day

Mitt Romney, on tour in the wilds of the UK, seems intent on doing the opposite of what he had intended. The goal was to somehow look “Presidential” by attending the opening of the Olympic Games in London. The results so far have been nothing short of a reminder to the Brits of why they let us colonists go.

Within hours (or was it minutes) of his arrival Romney was asked about the reports of problems with the pre-games security hiring. A legitimate question given Romney could provide some “Presidential” insight from his work running the Salt Lake City Olympics a few years back. Mitt’s response was to insult the host country before he even got a chance to meet the Prime Minister.  Said PM made a point of noting that his country is sponsoring the games in a real city. PM Cameron elucidated:

“We are holding an Olympic Games in one of the busiest, most active, bustling cities anywhere in the world,” Cameron noted. “Of course it’s easier if you hold an Olympic Games in the middle of nowhere. Inevitably, you’re going to have challenges.”


Oh, and the Mayor of London was none to pleased either.

Next Mitt seemed to forget (or not know) the name of the Opposition leader, Ed Miliband, calling him “Mr. Leader.”

Mr. Leader? Well, okay then.

And to top off that already eventful day of political mayhem, if all that wasn’t enough, Romney decides to spill all the secret spy stuff beans all over the public square. Oops. That’s the part you’re supposed to be “Presidential” with Mitt. You know, the national security stuff that can get our guys (and the Brits’ guys) killed if you tell everyone.

And this is just day one of his coming out party. Can’t wait to see how he will insult the Israelis. And the the Poles.

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