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Republican Platform Denies Rights to Virtually All Americans – Abe Lincoln Cries

The Republican platform was finalized in Tampa this week and includes the infamous “Akin Amendment” that denies a woman’s legal right to abortions even in the case of rape or incest. And that’s just the beginning. The platform goes much further in rolling back the legal rights not only of women but the legal rights of virtually every group of Americans. For example,

It denies the rights of same-sex couples to marry.

It denies the rights of women by pushing the Akin Amendment cosponsored by Paul Ryan.

It suppresses the rights of legal voters to vote.

It adopts the fossil fuel energy plan of “Drill Baby Drill” written by the fossil fuel lobbyists, bumper stickered by Sarah Palin, and lobbied by Newt Gingrich’s lobbying firm.

It eliminates Medicare as we know it and replaces it with a voucher program that will cost future seniors thousands of dollars.

It forces the states to deal with Medicaid, which will bankrupt many states and increase the costs of current seniors by thousands of dollars.

It virtually eliminates public schooling and adopts Mitt Romney’s believe that students should “get the best education they or their parents can afford,” thereby eliminating higher education for most of the populace.

It takes all of the money not spent on programs that help the middle class and the working poor and gives it to the 1% super-rich and to the Defense industry.

It effectively is the anti-American (unless you’re “the right kind of American,” i.e., the richest 1% or a megacorporation who sends jobs overseas and hides income from taxation in offshore tax avoidance accounts) platform.

Abraham Lincoln would be aghast at the bigotry and intolerance that his party now supports.

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Without GOP, Unemployment would be Under 6%

Interesting article here. Especially this part:

President Obama proposed the American Jobs Act in his 2011 State of the Union address, and spent the next year promoting it at every opportunity…The CBO said the bill would not only have paid for itself within 10 years, but would have reduced the deficit by at least 6 billion dollars. According to an analysis by Moody’s it would have created about 1.9 million jobs.

The result of GOP obstruction with those two things cost us 2.3 million jobs and 1.9 million jobs respectively. US employment as of May 2011 is about 155 million jobs, which means those 4.2 million jobs that the GOP has prevented account for 2.7% of the unemployment rate.

To recap:

1) The previous Republican administration of George W. Bush, during most of which the Republicans also controlled both houses of Congress, passed a series of unfunded mandates (e.g., NCLB, Prescription Drugs), started two unending wars (one by deceit) and mismanaged them, eliminated budget surpluses within Bush’s first year in office, increased the debt by a huge margin, and then prior to leaving managed to plunge the USA and the entire world into an economic disaster that would have surpassed the Great Depression if it hadn’t been for the stimulus packages.

2) Starting before President Obama took office the Republican party agreed to vote against any efforts to stimulate the recovery, the Republican party has voted against the creation of millions of jobs through its dozens of votes against job programs, and the Republican party has increased the debt while holding 99% of Americans hostage solely to maintain and expand on tax breaks for the super-rich 1% and tax loopholes for the super-rich megacorporations.  Oh, and the Republican party also voted multiple times against programs that would have helped small businesses (the real job creators).

So after 1) killing the economy, and 2) holding back the recovery, the Republican party now argues that it is all Obama’s fault and the voters should put the very people who 1) killed the economy, and 2) held back the recovery back into office.

= definition of insane

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