Political Gum Hockey

Political Commentary and Humor

About PGH

Political Gum Hockey is all about politics.  I will offer viewpoints, opinions, and ideas on candidates, policies, parties, and anything else related to politics that I think is worth noting.  With the 2012 Mayan presidential political campaign now underway, there will be commentary on the candidates, the issues, and the ridiculousness that politics seems to bring out in the people we are considering for the job of leader of the free world.  Hopefully I can insert a little levity into the discussion (clearly we’re going to need it), but even though I may use humor I will still be deadly serious. Except, of course, when I’m not.

Oh, and yes you can call this site PGH if you are so enthralled with the mind-blowing commentary that you want to jump right in instead of typing out the whole title, or simply can’t figure out what Political Gum Hockey means.

Let the politics begin.

All PGH posts copyrighted by owner.

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