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Rick Perry Drops Out – Romney Heads to the Cayman Islands!

Tea party savior of last week Rick Perry is dropping out of the Republican primary race after being ignored in New Hampshire (and most other places).  His departure won’t change much as the three individual people who would have voted for him in South Carolina will probably split their votes between the other tea party flavors left unlicked.

But his departure does demonstrate one thing that is incredibly important – the tea party begged him to jump into the race because they thought everyone else was woefully insufficient.  That didn’t stop them for raising those same others up on a pedestal in succession, the pedestal from which they fell face first into the mud once people started paying attention to what they had to say.  Think Yertle the Turtle and you get the idea.   Spaalaaaat.

This is who the tea party picks – Michele Bachmann (out), Donald Trump (not ever in, but the tea party begged the tycoon buffoon to run), Herman Cain (out and hiding from several women, think The Eagles), and, well, you get it.  Throw in Sarah Palin and you have some of the most unaccomplished “leaders” in America.

Which gets us to Mitt Romney.  PGH will have more on him later, but the latest news from Mr. $374,000 is “not very much” for speaking fees (plus millions of dollars in other income taxed at only 15%) is that he’s a poster child for how the super-rich get to hide much of their income from US taxation by popping it off to a beach resort in the Cayman Islands.

Oh, and he actually pulled back his hand that he had outstretched to the person speaking to him when he found out the person was “undocumented.”  Ooh, cooties.

More to come.

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  1. What do you think happens in SC? I still want to say Romney wins there, but Perry, the recent Insider Advantage poll, and other things suggest Gingrich has a shot. I expect Santorum to drop after SC or FL, Gingrich soon after that. Then the question will be, does Romney debate Ron Paul, or ignore him? He hasn’t done anything to win over some support from the Paul wing, which he needs to compete with Obama.

    Comment by k466 | January 19, 2012 | Reply

    • Likely Romney still wins SC given there are only a couple of days left before the primary. Gingrich should make it interesting now that both Palin and Perry have signaled support and Romney is acting all “super-rich” in an anti-super-rich year (visions of John Kerry wind surfing in 2004 come to mind, which also works well for the flip-flopper routine). Add in that the Iowa tie that went to Romney by 8 votes has been changed to a tie that went to Santorum by 34 votes.* Bottom line, if Santorum’s support is so weak that Gingrich can siphon off his piece, Gingrich could make it really close in SC. If Paul’s voters were to shift to Gingrich instead of playing the Ralph Nader role, Gingrich could even win SC. Fancy that.

      I agree Santorum will drop out after SC. Gingrich will probably hang in til Florida, but if he somehow actually wins SC he would most certainly pull in all of the anyone-but-Romney vote and could even win Florida. Now that would be an interesting scenario. Unfortunately for Gingrich, he has zero ground organization and limited funds and just cannot compete in a market the size and expense of Florida without direct debates against just Gingrich, and Romney would be a fool to sign up for such a thing.

      If Gingrich drops out and Paul is still buzzing around, Romney would be an even bigger fool to agree to a debate with Paul. Paul (and Gingrich) should be hopping up and down in front of every media camera in America right now demanding Romney debate them. That is their only chance.

      *Since Iowa’s caucuses are non-binding, the whole shebang could end up changing their votes to whomever is left over when the county party conventions meet later this summer. So the remaining “not-Romney” could still take Iowa.

      Comment by politicalgumhockey | January 19, 2012 | Reply

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