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Tea party Supports Republican Candidate Herman Cain’s Anti-Muslim Bigotry

What is it with the tea party candidates in their attempt to hijack the Republican party?  Isn’t dragging the GOP as far to the extreme right as possible enough?  Now the tea party has to strongly back candidates who are anti-Muslim bigots?

Being anti-Muslim isn’t new for the tea party, of course.  Under the guise of  “fear of terrorism” they have gone after the Islamic religion time after time.  I’m sure all remember how an Islamic community center to be built in a dilapidated building a few blocks from the World Trade Center site in New York City suddenly became “the mosque at ground zero.”  Neither a mosque nor at ground zero, and long a non-controversial project, it was turned overnight by the tea party xenophobes into a terrorist plot.  And this was just one example of many.  According to the tea party, if you are Muslim, you are immediately considered guilty of terrorism until proven otherwise.  This is the epitome of bigotry.

Now Herman Cain, one of the favorites of the tea party, is reiterating that he doesn’t trust Muslims.  All Muslims.  Cain initially argued that “Muslims need not apply” for positions in his administration should he be elected President of the United States.  Sorry all you qualified folks that just happen to have chosen Islam as your first amendment-protected religious freedom of expression, Cain and the tea party believe Muslims simply cannot be trusted.   Faced with criticism of his abject bigotry, Cain suggested that he could, well, maybe, allow someone who is Muslim to be in his administration if they took some sort of Islamic-special vow to the Constitution.   Again, in Cain’s mind you need to prove you can be trusted – but only if you are Muslim, all others get the usual presumption of trust.  Now, as Cain tries to “reinterpret” his bigotry into something more palatable to non-bigoted Americans, he merely sticks his foot further in mouth.  He’s just worried about letting terrorists into government, he says.  And, of course, to Cain and the tea party all Muslims are potential terrorists because, well, hey, they are Muslims, aren’t they?  The bottom line – if you are Muslim, Cain and the tea party will presume you are a terrorist until you jump through enough of their bigot hoops to prove otherwise.

Cain and the tea party are a disgrace to America.

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  1. The comment about not appointing Muslims to judge positions or cabinet positions he has addressed NUMEROUS times on Glenn Beck’s shows, Sean Hannity’s shows, etc. Here is the exact video of the interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWNJnnYMqZU The exact question is “would you be COMFORTABLE” appointing a Muslim to those positions? He has said numerous times that he would not immediately be comfortable with the idea of having Muslims serving in judge roles because he doesn’t believe Shariah law should be used in American courts, BUT he has said numerous times that he WOULD appoint Muslims to positions as judges and cabinet positions IF he could see very obviously that they had a deep commitment to the constitution and no desire to implement shariah law into American courts. As far as cabinet positions you want people who have the same general goals as you as President to be surrounding you as advisors. So, why would he want his inner circle to have totally different beliefs and goals as he does for this country? He’s said that if there were Muslims that he could see were very obviously passionate about the constitution and doing things the way they should be done he would consider them for his cabinet. So, why don’t you investigate a little more before you write junk like this.

    Comment by Andy | June 23, 2011 | Reply

  2. Interesting that you can emphasize the actions that make Cain a bigot, then deny that he is a bigot. You state clearly that Cain “would not be comfortable” appointing a Muslim to positions in his cabinet or as a federal judge. You show a video showing him say this. I repeat, you state this…you admit this…in fact, you emphasize this. You then go on to insist that Cain could be convinced that Muslims might be okay if these Muslims could prove to Cain (somehow, he never says exactly how they could convince him) that they were not terrorists and would not institute Sharia law.

    We’re talking about Americans here. Americans whose only crime in Cain’s mind is the fact that they are Muslims. Americans who must jump through whatever bigoted hoops Cain sets up just for Muslims because Cain has predetermined that Muslims should automatically be considered terrorists unless they can prove otherwise.

    No one else needs to jump through these hoops. No Eric Rudolphs or Timothy McVeighs need jump through these hoops. No one but Muslims. Just because they are Muslim. Not because any person has done anything or participated in any activity or said anything or written anything that might be construed as being anti-American or terroristic. Solely and explicitly because they are Muslims, and to Cain, Muslims have to prove they aren’t terrorists because, to Cain, all Muslims are terrorists until proven innocent.

    That is bigotry.

    I’m shocked that you would defend such an attitude. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Real Americans won’t stand up for such bigotry any more.

    Comment by politicalgumhockey | June 23, 2011 | Reply

  3. […] party rallied around Donald Trump only after he made bigoted remarks. The tea party rallied around Herman Cain only after he made bigoted remarks. The tea party rallied around Rick Santorum only after he made […]

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