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PGH Quick Take: Hear Ye, Hear Ye, All those who want to be President – It’s Time!!

Considering that we have about one and a half years before election day, it might seem odd to be saying that time is running out for getting into the 2012 presidential sweepstakes election.  But it is.  And the Republican party is about to finalize its roster of horses candidates for the Belmont nomination.  Within the next few weeks we’ll know who will be making a serious, and not so serious, run for the roses. [Okay, I think I’ve played out the Triple Crown references, so I’ll stop now.]

Next week will see the formal announcements for two contenders who we already knew were in the race – Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.  Romney has already pre-announced that he will make the official announcement (didn’t he do this already?) in New Hampshire (hmmm) on June 2nd, with Santorum making his announcement from his home state of Pennsylvania on the 6th.  Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann looks very likely to announce her candidacy for Vice-president in the next week or two as well.

And here’s an interesting development (maybe) – Sarah Palin is starting a bus tour this weekend from Washington DC up I-95 to New England.  All the media pundits are abuzz that this might be the kickoff of her own presidential candidacy.  A propaganda film about Palin is also set to open shortly in, of all places, Iowa.  Hmmm, I wonder why Iowa?  PGH has previously predicted that Sarah Palin won’t be entering the race, so if she does that either means PGH needs a new line of work or is just like every other self-described pundit (i.e., wrong most of the time).   Since PGH hasn’t been wrong yet in his predictions (it’s early), he’s pretty confident hopeful that Palin is just trying to rekindle her recently failing marketing brand.

Notwithstanding what Palin ends up doing, and with the possible entry of Jon Huntsman, the Republican cortege is ready for its death walk run for the White House.  PGH has previously evaluated the potential Republican field, and will continue to give up-to-date occasional expert analysis on key issues, prospects, and who might still be around by the time the triad is completed. [By triad I mean the traditional first states – Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina.  That said, this year will be different and there are at least two more states that can be added to the all-important “first out of the gate” states that are “must” wins.]

Stay tuned.  To terribly misquote Bette Davis, this may be a bumpy ride.

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