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PGH Quick Take: Mitch Daniels is Out, Is there anyone left in?

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels has announced (in the middle of the night, no less) that he will not be running for President in 2012.  While noting that all factors but one seemed to be in alignment for a run, the one – his family – was the most important factor of all.  And so he will not run.  [Calls immediately went out to NJ Governor Chris Christie to beg him to run.]

So with Daniels joining the ranks of the “not gonna run” group of Republicans, which now numbers more than the ranks of the “I’m gonna give it a shot” group, the question has started to become – does any Republican actually want to be President?

Mitt Romney does.  Tim Pawlenty does. Newt Gingrich does.  The Godfather’s pizza guy does.  Ron Paul does.  And a few others that don’t really matter do.  But Daniels and Huckabee don’t, and they had potential support for the nomination.  [Donald Trump didn’t either, but he wasn’t serious to begin with.  And Sarah Palin won’t run, which PGH said even before Roger Ailes (God Emperor of Fox News) let it be leaked that he thinks she is “stupid.” (actually, I believe it was reported the word he used was “an idiot.”)]

So…is the Republican field decreasing because they don’t think they can beat Obama, or because they don’t think they can beat Romney?  Or because, like Gingrich, they can’t stop sticking both feet in their mouths?

And what about the last man standing – Jon Huntsman?  He’s sure been acting like he’s getting ready to announce a candidacy.  Will he?

Or will it be “Romney or Bust?”

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