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PGH Quick Takes – Haley Barbour Skips Presidential Bid

I’m sure that this will come as a shock/relief to some, but Haley Barbour has announced today that he will NOT make a run for President in 2012.  Many (but not PGH) expected Barbour, who is the current Governor of Mississippi, to seek the Republican nomination.  Today he put that notion to rest.

More specifics can be found in the Washington Post, CNN, and Politico, as well as a million other blogs and “news” outlets with no particular knowledge of the specifics.

PGH hadn’t been too keen on Barbour making a run even though all those professional pundit types (they know who they are) have been gearing up for such an event.  Much will be said about why he chose not to take the plunge, and some of it will actually be true.   But the bottom line is that he had virtually no chance of getting the Republican nomination because, well, because YouTube already has some of his greatest hits ready to roll.  Add in his past life as a lobbyist and his current prowess as a fundraiser (and the lack of “the look”) and he would have pretty much guaranteed President Obama’s reelection.

Ironically, his decision not to run is likely to make him a hot property.  Barbour is legendary for his ability to raise money (might be the lobbyist skills, who knows) and he’ll be glad-handed by all the Republicans who will be officially throwing their hat in the ring.  Though most likely they will want him way in the background where he can keep the cash flowing without actually taking the chance to be quoted in public.

Just think – only 1-1/2 years before election day!

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  1. I couldn’t see Barbour getting much support from the base. He was smart not to run.

    Comment by k466 | April 26, 2011 | Reply

  2. […] GOP establishment by visiting Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, Barbour surprised everyone by opting out.  He wouldn’t have gotten the nomination anyway, but most thought he would run.  […]

    Pingback by The Republican Potential Presidential Candidates – Who is in, who is out, and who is going to be standing in the end? « Political Gum Hockey | May 17, 2011 | Reply

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