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Important Questions for Tea Party and Conservative Folks

The mid-term elections are in the past and all eyes are on the next Presidential/Congressional election.  Meanwhile, those that identify with the tea party and/or conservative wing of the Republican party are making every effort to leave a mark on the direction of this country.  Many hope to put a conservative/tea party candidate in the White House, maintain control of the House of Representatives, and take control of the Senate, thus giving them full control of the government (again).  Before doing that, it seems appropriate for tea partiers and conservatives to answer the following questions.

1) Why is Congress’s act to pass the Health Care law unconstitutional?

2) Why do you want to eliminate the Department of Education?

3) Why do you think the President and Democrats want to “take away your 2nd Amendment rights?”

4) Why do you think the President and Democrats “don’t respect and honor the Constitution?”

5) What are the President and Democrats doing that make you think they want to impinge on our right to practice the religion of our choice?

6) Why do you think the President is a Muslim?

7) Why do you think that the President was not born in the USA despite his being born in Hawai’i?

8 ) Why do you believe that the richest 1% of Americans should pay less on average as a rate of their income than many of the middle class?

9) Why was reduction of the debt not important prior to Obama being elected?

10) Why do you want to eliminate the birthright provision of the 14th Amendment?

11) Why do you believe that individuals and businesses should have the right to choose to discriminate against individuals based on their race or other factors protected by the Civil Rights Act and related laws?

12) Why do you think politicians should arbitrarily overrule scientific consensus?

13) Why do you believe “the federal government” was designed to be weak by the founding fathers?  As a corollary, why do you think the founding fathers would create a weak federal government (in the Constitution) to replace the weak federal government that was already in place (as per the Articles of Confederation)?

I’m sure there are more questions that need to be answered before a tea party or conservative candidate can assume a governance role for this nation.

You can provide answers in the comments.  To see some answers already left by others you can check out the comment section in the cross-post here.

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